May 11th, 2012


In which I spread the creepypasta love and am unproductive

What do you make of this? I suspect an attempt at viral marketing, like the dibbuk box, mainly because of the Facebook and Twitter links at the bottom of the main page. However, as a follower of Creepy Things On The Internet, I'm hoping for better because occasionally something genuinely cool pops up. I'm a huge fan of Ted's Caving Page, for example. The haunted Stitch doll is kind of amusing, and Slender Man is so popular he has his own wiki, and I'm really surprised he hasn't appeared on Supernatural yet. The Marble Hornets stuff in relation to him is particularly awesome. I also like The Dionaea House. And we can't forget the Ghostfacers, right?

Also, last night I ended up reading The 50 Greatest Internet Memes of 2011. Some of them I hadn't heard of, most of them I had. It's where Thom Yorke and his dancing popped up, and also Smooth Jazz Nyan Cat.

*cough* Yes, as you can see, I spend my time on the internet very productively. Oddly enough there's been some stuff floating around my head about the current obsession with productivity and Foucauldian governmentality, but I'm not sure I need to articulate it any further than that. Suffice to say that now, every time I talk about my productive day, I feel just a little bit like a brainwashed pleb.


My fancy schmancy new phone tells me it's 11 degrees outside. That's kind of coldish. Certainly I've got my layers on today. The other week we changed to the winter duvet but last night I sweated in bed (ew) and I'm wondering if in this new place with two of us in the bed, the beautiful luxurious fluffy feather one I inherited from Mum is going to be just too warm, especially since we are looking at double glazing our bedroom windows. Although, the idea of being able to run around naked in the middle of a Wellington southerly is appealing, as is not having that gasping moment when your feet hit the floor in the morning, eh?