May 10th, 2012


Window fashions - installed!

Dear NZ government, please let me suggest that you investigate subsidising this*, and not just for beneficiaries either. It's a long-term, safe male contraceptive that's no more invasive than having an IUD fitted, is reversible quickly and easily, and is in the third stage of clinical testing for widespread use. As usual, stuff all people have heard about it because the pharmaceutical companies think there's no money in it. On that page there's a petition you can fill in to encourage the companies to fund it by showing them how many people are interested in decent, safe, long-acting contraception for men. Ladies, a warning: the petition assumes you're a man - apparently only men are interested in contraception for men. Bit of a joke, that, given the hooha that's been going down about contraception in NZ the last few days eh?

* That page links to further information for the interested.

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I like this slow cooker thing. You throw stuff in, turn it on, and a few hours later there's food! Now I just have to figure out how to make it automatically turn on while I'm at work and we're all good. Also, we had unexpected but most welcome company last night, which always makes a meal taste better.

I have bruises on my wrists from climbing all over Tom the other night. I'm used to keeping my wrists as straight as possible to avoid injury when climbing, shearing and weightlifting. With acro you have to allow your wrists to flex backwards and use your palms as a platform against the other person's hands. I'm having trouble training myself out of the straight-wrist thing and thus Tom is having to grip my wrists really hard to avoid dropping me. He's very obliging like that. Otherwise, though, nothing really hurts. Maybe all this weight training is coming in handy. I did 550 toe-hops on Tuesday night and my calves don't even hurt! PH3AR MY CALVES OF STEEL!

The other night I dreamed about sheep. My sheep. It made me want to run off to the country and raise sheep again. *sigh* One day...