May 9th, 2012


Not quite Martha Stewart

So I did it. I had my first meeting with a tutor to get feedback on an assignment. She apologised for not providing more helpful comments, and I said the main thing I wanted to know was how I managed to lose 25% of possible marks if my work was well thought out, coherent and thorough. Apparently it was in the balance of the way I discussed the issues. I was supposed to spend less words on legal ramifications and go into the 'other issues' in more depth. Which I guess is fair comment, only.. there was nothing in the question that made this clear. It said 'Discuss the legal ramifications and any other issues.' So I'm not entirely satisfied, but it's not worth arguing over. I can drag my mark back to where it should be if I work hard enough *crosses everything for the essay* - but I'm not a mind reader and sometimes not being a mind reader leads to a low mark. Fie.

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Last night I learned how to somersault off someone's shoulders, and also how to do a thing called a bucket down which is a graceful way of getting from someone's shoulders to the ground. My base for the evening was Tom from last week, I think I'm paired with him because he really knows his stuff. I am amazed by how he's totally fine with repeatedly assuming the position while I climb all over him as if he's a horse. I am not accustomed to people being so obliging with their bodies. Is this normal for circus people? It's the first time I've done any partnering stuff and have no idea really...

Yesterday, we got our bathroom fan fixed so it actually works, and runs on after leaving, which should mean I have to clean the mildew off the ceiling less often. The electrician also moved a light in the bedroom that is the lynchpin that allows the other work we want to do in there to start. Only now we have to save up more money to do it. And and and! Our window fashions are being installed today! OOOH! There will be pics. And since I'll be at home for the afternoon and the weather's icky, I'm going to have my first go at slow-cooker cooking. Wish me luck.

So um yeah, domestic bliss. Who'd a thought?