May 7th, 2012


In which you really don't mess with Kim Dotcom

OK this is getting pretty funny. Those of you not in NZ are probably still aware of the disappearance of Megaupload and the arrest in New Zealand of Kim Dotcom. You may also already know that the United States is trying to extradite Dotcom to face a bunch of charges, mostly attempting to scapegoat him for any alleged piracy that took place on his site. New Zealand is looking more and more like it's cooperating with the US in this. With me so far?

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And the moral of the story is, you don't mess with Kim Dotcom. I'm laughing.

Meanwhile, this morning I heard the term "Cookie Monster Metal" for the first time. I googled it. Apparently Cookie Monster actually is on the metal bandwagon. Who knew?

Finally, have a picture of the contents of our fridge:

I like vegie day, it makes me feel like we're all healthy n stuff.