May 2nd, 2012


The plot thickens

So that B+ I got? The one that is the worst mark I've had since I started this university thing? Turns out it was the best mark in the class. Nobody got an A.

I think that makes me feel a bit better about it. I think. Questions were raised in our tutorial yesterday (I had a couple but so did a whole bunch of other people) about this situation, and our feedback is apparently going back to the folks running the course. I'm not sure how I feel now. Knowing that I haven't suddenly lost the ability to tell whether I've done good work or not is nice, I guess?

Also I had to work really hard at not being one of those people who plays with their phone in a tutorial. *cough*

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So yeah, all you who said you were looking forward to your 42nd birthday, I support this plan. I don't give a crap about HGTG, but I have had a brilliant birthday. It has contained memorable times with friends, good food, new toys, successful study, exercise, trying new things, being thrown around by burly men, faceplanting, and *censored*. Seriously, what more could I ask for?

Also, for those of you who celebrate the cross-quarters, Happy New Year. I note that Wellington's decided it's winter now. (i can tell because my phone tells me what the temperature is)