April 30th, 2012


In which I don't have the Plague.

This weekend I discovered that while tieke's chains are fun to interact with while wearing a harness and being counterweighted, actually climbing them is only for the hardcore or for those with no nerves in their.. well, anywhere really. I have chain shaped bruises on the backs of my knees and all over my bum. Chains do look nice against skin though - but next time I vote for it being someone else's skin mmk?

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tl;dr I have a lot of taste buds and will probably never get used to alcohol and also fish and chips = yum.

Meanwhile, I hammered out another 2000 words yesterday. This is my life. When I stop thinking, it's lots of fun. But most of the time I'm thinking.

[edited to add] You should go here and vote. It's Peter Dunne (who has the deciding vote in Parliament) polling people's opinion on the asset sales.