April 27th, 2012


OMG the sky is falling!

Brace yourself, I'm about to be a wanker.

I got a B. Well, a B+ actually, one fricking percentage point below what would've given me an A-. This annoys the hell out of me because it's a blemish on my record, and yes I am perfectly aware of how much of a git saying that makes me look. But you don't live in my head, and I share my head with OCD - I know some of you do too, so I know some of you probably understand how much that blemish bugs me.

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Yep, it's confirmed. I am, in fact, a wanker.

Meanwhile, one of the main beefs I have with evo psych (as interpreted and applied by the likes of writerspleasure and other oversimplifying, misogynistic, gender-determinant wallies) is that despite their insistence on objective beauty standards, waist-to-hip ratios and monkeys playing with cooking pots as Real Science That Shows How We Survived The Stone Age, pretty much everyone still manages to get laid sooner or later. People are not rare, in fact they're pretty damn common, and they got that way at least partly through breeding like flies. We like nooky, we like it a lot, and even folks with a less than ideal waist-to-hip ratio get some. This leads to lots of children (or at least used to, before we invented birth control), and even back when not many survived, it was still enough for us to take over the planet.

So I wish they would kindly STFU about how I should look like that photoshopped apparition on the cover of Playboy because of Science! I don't, yet I reproduced anyway. And so did the cavepeople. Nyah.