April 26th, 2012


In which I wonder what the hell I actually know if I can't explain it

The essay writing is not going well. You'd think the social construction of drug use and misuse would be easy, right? Especially for someone like me, right?


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My writing process, let me show you it. Probably the most sensible advice I could give myself is to keep writing till I've said everything I want to say, arrange it all in a logical sequence, then move the irrelevant stuff till I have 2000 words. This approach has not failed me yet. And I always hate my essays while I'm writing them - but this one has an extra-added hate factor in that this is a topic close to my heart and I don't feel I'm doing it justice, even though I could explain social construction of drugs to a primary school kid in my sleep.

Maybe I should just stop caring so much.