April 25th, 2012


By way of explanation

OK so 41 people replied to yesterday's poll. Of those, 18 were shower-ers, 16 shower more than they bathe, 2 are about 50/50, 4 did something else (primarily using a bath for a purpose other than washing themself) and only one was an exclusive bather. The implication here is that showering is the preferred washing method of the vast majority of respondents - 83%, in fact.

However, in the other question, 16 would pay more for a house with a bath, 11 said not having a bath would be a dealbreaker, 8 couldn't care less (I was one of these) and only 4 would prefer a house with no bath and a better shower. The implication here is that the majority would prefer their house to have a bath in it - 69%, in fact.

From this I can conclude that while most people prefer to shower, the idea of not having a bath available to use if one feels like it is offputting, and most people would like to have a bath in their house whether they use it or not.


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So now that's crossed off the list, which helps a lot in deciding what to do. We have to have a bath of some description. I still want the fantastic shower, but it has to accommodate future bathers as well. So now we need a fantastic shower over a better bath than what we have, and I can kiss goodbye to my dream of having a walk-in shower big enough for two with extra heads.

Ah well.