April 24th, 2012


In which I reach middle age and scare the teenage boys

A thing happened the other day that has been tossing about in my head ever since. You see, it's the holidays - or it was. As part of this school holidays, a pop-up shop opened in the mall I walk through on my way to work. As I went through at 8am, I noticed a queue of tweenage girls and their Mums (not a Dad in sight wtf?) waiting outside - about 200 of them. There were cameras and media types and whatnot. I looked inside and all I could see were T-shirts and posters, and couldn't for the life of me work out what it was about the T-shirts and posters that was attracting the girls.

This is the point where I realised I'm middle aged. Because when I was a tween, what would I have queued up for T-shirts and posters for? Bands, of course - specifically, bands consisting of pretty boys. This one is called One Direction and (again with the middle age) I've never heard of them. So I went and looked. Based on the one video I watched, they do catchy, sing-along pop, there's five of them, they're vaguely cute and trying to do the Beatles thing. Bonus shot of the London Eye, which always makes Si pop up in my head and go "There's my house!"

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Thing that came through my feed this morning that made me grin: In which Jim Hines tries out poses - specifically, the poses that men are required to strike on various fantasy/romance book covers. I LOLed.

Meanwhile, I have to wait another whole week for the mark for my first assignment. This means I'm going into the second one blind, with no experience-based guidance as to what the markers are looking for. I am disappoint.

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Poll #1835838 Tats' Great Bathing Poll of 2012

How important is it to you that a house have a bath in it?

No bath is a dealbreaker for me
I'd pay more for a house with a bath
I couldn't care less whether there's a bath or not
I would prefer a house with no bath and a better shower

Are you a bather or a shower-er?

About 50/50
Bathe more than shower
Shower more than bathe
Something else that I will explain in comments (ass's milk, waterblasting, mutual grooming, etc)