April 23rd, 2012


In which things go to pot and I show you pictures of it

I've always had plants around my door. It's A Thing - my home doesn't feel like my home unless I can look out on greenery, and seeing my little pot garden when I get home from work has always felt welcoming. It's an effort, but IMO so very worth it.

At my last house, the place for the plants was north-facing and got full sun all day every day, even in winter. The plants that survived this onslaught were all succulents, unsurprisingly - evolved to thrive on sunlight and cope with irregular watering, they do brilliantly in pots. My wee succulent garden was doing really well.

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And just to add to this somewhat inaccurate picture of settled domesticity I'm painting, last night I made the best vegetarian lasagne ever. The Youth of Today scarfed it and had more even though it had eggplant in it! O.o It was the best because it had four countem four different cheeses in it. But seriously, I feel as if I'm getting on top of this cooking lark. The question then becomes, what new skill am I going to learn this year?