April 16th, 2012


Inspire me, world. Or give me a million dollars and a pony. Either is fine.

Did you know that when you use beef it's a cottage pie and when you use mutton it's a shepherd's pie? I didn't. I had some vague idea that it was a geographical difference, but Dr Wheel has this book called What to Cook and How to Cook It that has all sorts of cool info in it as well as tasty tasty recipes, including this one. Of course the question then becomes, what do you call it if you make it with lentils? Hippie pie? Garden shed pie?

I am blown away by how much I keep hearing about the second round of Titanic. It wasn't that good the first time guys!

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Meanwhile, I feel as if I've been antisocial lately. I've missed two parties that I really should have gone to because I just couldn't muster and I'm trying to work out what's up with that. I fear I am becoming complacent. Then I ask myself, is there anything wrong with enjoying having a quiet life? I think the problem is I want everything, quiet and riotous at the same time. And right now I'm going through a phase of being somewhat uninspired by what's going on externally. But this is unsustainable and I need to start getting out and about more. I just feel like 'out and about' doesn't have a lot to offer, which makes it hard to muster, you know?

Hi, I am Tats' pointless angst, I'll be here all week, try the fish.