April 12th, 2012


In which my vagina makes you lift heavy things

As usual, the comments are vomit-worthy. I restrained myself (barely) from starting something with the commentor who insisted on referring to girls and women as 'females'. That annoys the fuck out of me just saying. Don't do it. *snrl*

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Yes, I know it's Failblog, that bastion of mature discussion that is second only to YouTube comments. However, those are real people at the typing end of them, and those real people make up the zeitgeist we all live in. I don't like living in a zeitgeist in which the friendzone exists because I'm only about sex. So there.

In other news, yesterday's genetic revelation is that I'm approximately 2.7% neanderthal. As is everyone outside of Africa - well actually it's between 1 and 4%. I am the 2.7% Yeeahh!