April 11th, 2012


In which I am a unique and special mutant

So it turns out Squishy is actually Squishies, and the reason that Squishies let me know of their existence through pain is that they are cysts of the fibrous kind, which apparently respond to hormonal changes as you go through your cycle. It's relatively normal for women my age to have a few of these, but mine are all having a group hug at 8 o'clock apparently, which is why they make a noticeable lump.

Prognosis: nothing much. If it changes let them know. Having spent many years getting close up views of sheeps' udders, I have some idea of the variations that can take place before anything becomes a problem, eh?

So, sweet. No need to do anything further or get any grey hairs over it. Keep up the monthly breast check (I hope you do yours too folks - men included) and keep on keeping on.

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The other thing that took my fancy yesterday was skull shaping. Don't worry, I'm not about to rush off and do it, but I couldn't stop staring at the pictures of skulls and wondering why people would do it.

"Hey Mum, I want to be a pinhead, all the cool kids are doing it! Can I? Huh, huh?"