April 5th, 2012


In which I get my teeth floated

When I got the first lot of wisdom teeth removed I was 26. I had just left my husband and was living alone as a single Mum in the boonies of Dargaville, struggling to extract myself from my previous life without completely isolating myself. I was suffering from a chest infection I'd had for over a year, that was exacerbated by the teeth abcessing in my gums and my body constantly fighting off infection. I was in a pretty sorry state and had no money.

I was eligible for free dentistry due to being on a benefit, and so I went in and had them removed on the same day.

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Anyway, now my tooth jar has four large ones in it as well, two of which still have bits of gum clinging to them. And I have two large holes in the back of my mouth that will prevent me from eating nuts for a bit. Oh noes, I shall have to eat ice cream instead!

There was talk of Fidels tonight. I've no idea if I'll be up for it or not, it depends how good these pills are. I do like my buckets of latte...

PS Today I signed up for intermediate adagio class. They start on my birthday!