March 30th, 2012


In which I choose the practical option and become a gummy gnasher

I now have the cleanest teeth in Wellington and I might be turning into my Dad. Although, he was allergic to dentists and I am never ever going to leave it that long again. Ever. SRSLY people, get your teeth cleaned because if you don't there will be PAIN and BLOOD and BEARS!

(I might be lying about the bears)

Anyway, I had my bottom two wisdom teeth removed at 26 and so the top two are more decorations than anything, having nothing to bite against. One has a gap that gets food in it every single time I eat and the other is showing signs of decay. I have no fillings and am not about to start now, so in good Allison family style, I'm having them removed. Next week. I will be spending the easter break all puffy faced and living on ice cream, but I will never have to pick crap out of that gap again and I'll maintain my fillingless record. Win! Last time they had to take a hunk of jawbone out as well but they tell me top ones are simpler?

In Things I Won't Be Eating Post Extraction news, last night I made pie. Can some cooky experty person please explain to me what went wrong here?

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Heeey, this weekend I have no assignments due, no shearing to do, no commitments and no extra work. I can literally spend my weekend doing whatever I want! OMGOMGOMG!

Bioshock? Mass Effect? Sewing? *censored*? Whatever shall I do with myself?

I will be at Fidels briefly tonight but have to leave early to go home and pretend I know what I'm doing with making finger food n stuff. See you there?