March 29th, 2012


Streaming TV? In New Zealand? Really?

Last night's sewing session did not go well, and I only have myself to blame. Sewing the dress together went pretty well, but because I'm doing two layers I completely messed up the sleeves where you sew the little ruffles in. The ruffles themselves were fine but when I went to turn it all the right way out it turned into a giant tangled mess because I'd made some assumptions based on it being a single layer instead of double. I ended up unpicking all the side seams while turning the air blue with my poetic mutterings. 3/4 hour later it was sitting on the table, all sorted and ready to go again, but *gnng* I hate when I make silly mistakes. Especially ones involving basic physics. *sigh*

One day I will make something that involves no swearing. And then I'll probably give it up and go do something harder.

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Today I get my teeth cleaned. I hate having my teeth cleaned, and I've taken the afternoon off work to get over it because ow. I will use the time to finish my assignment so I can have three days free of overhanging academic requirements before the next one lands on me. And then there will be MASS EFFECT! (1, because I'm that cutting edge)