March 26th, 2012


Me cook, you hit things with hammer

This weekend we were Gender Normative (well, except for the bits where we weren't)! This meant that Dr Wheel used power tools and did DIY while I cooked and sewed. Seriously. I did help with the power tools - there was the bit where I stood poised with my finger on the mains switch while he drilled into the wall* and the bit where I held up the plank while he marked it with dots for the holes, but for the most part the DIY was a testosterone-soaked affair. And right good it turned out as well. It's a storage thing that makes use of the 10 foot stud in our hallway for putting away things like suitcases, tents and the like that we only use occasionally, and leaving space in the more accessible cupboards for things we need to get at. Nice.

It's not quite finished yet - needs a couple more screws and some cosmetic treatment to make it match the rest of the space, then there will be pics.

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I finished The Land of Painted Caves. It got interesting towards the end and finished on a note that made sense. The scene that I hoped would be used to bring closure sort of did, although it merely expanded on an idea that had already been explored earlier. The kicker was pretty good, in that it actually did make me think. However, it could all have been done in a much shorter book, without the endless descriptions of painted caves. I get it Jean, you went to all these caves, thought they were cool and wanted to share. The rest of us just wanted to know what happens to Ayla. Sorry. Worth reading? Yes, for the closing of the loop. But skip the middle 300 pages.

In exciting news, we are getting our buzzer hooked up! This means you'll be able to push buttons and buzz us and we can push some and let you in! Cue this morning in bed, coming up with suitable comebacks for drunken revellers who push the button in the middle of the night. Best so far: "Initiating countdown. Launch will occur in 5 minutes. Please vacate the immediate area. Walk don't run."


* The stud finder is supposed to tell you where the cables run, but the one we have thinks our entire house is made of electricity, including our windows. Thus we had no idea if he was going to die horribly or not through doing this. I'm glad he didn't.