March 23rd, 2012


Are you enjoying yourself?

So one of my classes got switched. For my final course I was going to be doing "NGOs, the state and civil society" but apparently the lecturer for that is leaving and they've offered me "Emotion, social practice and policy" as a replacement. It's the same level in the same school. I considered swapping it for "Crime, deviance and popular culture" to complete a double major but the Dean of Humanities looked it up and apparently the CRIM major would require me to do another 300 level course afterwards. I've already met the requirements for my SPOL major and fuckit I am so done with undergrad study, so I'm taking the Emotions and running with them. I suspect it'll be interesting and given the emotionally-charged nature of drug policy conversations, I reckon it's as relevant as the course I had lined up.

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This morning in bed I scientifically tested out the Escher Girls theory. Turns out that I can actually contort myself into a position where someone can see my bum and breasts at the same time, but I doubt I'd be able to do any superheroing in that position. *cough*

Finally, my flamenco dress pattern arrived. Yes, I have to make it. For the challenge, you understand. Also because it's another option for lowscoopedback things. So the question is, for the first one which will be a practice run, what colours should I use? Please don't say red.