March 22nd, 2012


Post containing a serious question

The other day I was walking down the street and saw a couple of women walking together, who by their features were obviously a mother and her adult daughter. This time of year there's a fair bit of that as the first-years get settled in up at the university. Anyway, the sight of them together hit me really hard with missing my Mum.

I have a fantastic tribe of chosen family who fulfil me in various ways and add colour and texture to my life. I have 2 wonderful actual relatives who know me better than anybody and share memories of our Mum and Dad who aren't here any more. But when it comes down to it you only get one Mum. I miss Dad's intellect, his quirky curiosity about everything and the long rambling discussions we'd have about things we were both fascinated by. With Mum, I miss her - who she was and how we related to each other and hanging out and doing stuff. I sometimes wonder what she'd think about the way my life's changed since she died - we probably have more in common now than we did before she got sick. And I miss her.

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Meanwhile, there appears to be sewing going on in our house. I am having my first go at sewing chiffon and am learning the value of judicious use of pins to stop it from sliding irritatingly all over the bloody place. Also, this item is normal clothing, in that it's not a costume and I will probably be able to wear it to work. OMG.

myrrhmade has inspired me to try making pasta. Has anyone done this? Is it hard?