March 21st, 2012


Tasty tasty shiny things

Dear Livejournal,

I understand that it's spring in the most important part of the world where everybody lives, and that celebrating that by putting up a lovely spring green banner so that everyone who counts can feel the love is a thoughtful thing to do, but I'd just like to show you something:

That's what it looks like outside my office today. The autumn equinox was yesterday and since this is Wellington and weather is what we do here, it's decided to be full on stinkyhorriblecoldwetwindy all at once in celebration. I know this wouldn't make a pretty banner and that the majority of the people would go "WTF" but once, just once, could you do a banner theme that doesn't ignore the existence of the other hemisphere? Cheers.

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Speaking of which, I'm starting to wonder if I'm a supertaster. I've always had a sense of smell that seems to be more sensitive than others, and on that list of supertaster things, I dislike alcohol, brussel sprouts, kale, coffee (yes I like it but only in latte form where it's mostly milk - actual espresso I can't do), and grapefruit. I can taste the carbonation in drinks and dislike olives. Also, the thing where I can taste the ram in sheep meat. Hmm.. it would explain quite a lot really.

Finally, I found this on the internet yesterday: Headstone World! For all your online monumental needs! Browse the site, fill your cart with headstones, purchase and have it sent to your door! But be careful when ordering because they can't deliver to PO boxes.