March 16th, 2012


I think too much

Yesterday I read this story - it's a guy talking about how he discovered that his sister is a sociopath. It's in sections in which he describes a series of events relating to his sister and his ex-wife. I found it through a link that said "Five easy ways to spot a sociopath" and the guy's shtick was that there isn't an easy way and that you should read his story to discover the sorts of behaviours to look out for.

However, as I was reading the story, something seemed a little off.

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Well, that was a lot of time and effort for something that only a couple of people will probably read. But I find this sort of thing really interesting. I'm not saying I'll never get sucked in by a sociopath, but as life goes on I'm getting better and better at spotting them and thus avoiding them. At least, I think so.

Last night I varnished my balls. They are well shiny now, and also protected from the paint chipping off when they knock together. Tomorrow I'm supposed to be shearing a bunch of lambs. Go away, clouds!

And tonight will be day 6 of Dr Wheel's birthday, which this year goes for a week. <3