March 15th, 2012


I think I'd be the wankiest professor ever tbh

Last night I heard back from my research dude in Auckland and he's apparently "over the moon" with the analysis I did. He also confirmed that I'll be getting a writing credit as second author. Which makes me go *SQUEE* even though I don't really have any concept of what that means academically. It's unlikely to be published before I finish my degree but still, exciting!

Also yesterday, the Youth of Today came home with his school photos. We don't normally get them but this year being his last, we talked about it and decided to get one for posterity. Since he's an only child we went for the 'family' option and got one of him with his friends, which can be viewed under the cut.

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Meanwhile, a couple of days ago a box arrived that contains Tulle Of Many Colours. It isn't all the colours, but it's enough to be going on with. I have the lycra, I have the elastic, all I need now is the overlocker and I'll be able to Be Creative. Where values of Creative include all my friends gouging their own eyes out and going "What the hell were you thinking?"