March 14th, 2012


Kittens! As promised!

You probably don't remember a little while ago I wrote about a bunch of persian kittens that we encountered on one of our visits to Dr Wheel's Mum. However, I remembered, and I promised you pictures of said kittens.

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Yesterday my boots tried to kill me. They've lost the grip on the heels and went out from under me coming down the hill from the University. I have a twisted ankle and a grazed knee, but aikido (yay breakfalls!) saved my head from hitting the pavement. Anyway, now I know what I'll be spending my backpay from the payrise on. I have two pairs of boots, one leaks and the other is trying to kill me. Time for new, quality ones. I am still somewhat unaccustomed to being able to buy quality stuff. Although, when I looked at the shop that I have one of those loyalty cards for, under 'boots', this is what came up:

Not quite what I had in mind...