March 9th, 2012


Who do they think they're fooling?

I have people for dinner tonight. I was planning to cook for them but then they said they were bringing their kids and suddenly it went from 2 people to four, 2 of whom are unknown quantities in terms of what they will eat. So I had a bit of a minor freakout because I'm pretty new to this cooking for people business (only really having fed a couple of people who aren't family since 1995) and didn't feel confident. You're supposed to enjoy having guests right? And I wasn't going to enjoy that. So I emailed them and laid it out and suggested we reschedule for another time when Dr Wheel will be around, and they emailed back and said "Pizza, duh!"

This is why they are my friends. Because I can admit to being less than competent at something and they'll point out a solution so we can still hang out, without making me feel bad about my failing. ;-) Shut up, for most of my life I have felt I have to be perfect or people won't like me, so this is awesome and I love being reminded of it.

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Funny how this stuff always happens when it's a National government, eh?

This week I have been a total slackarse and it's been awesome. I haven't done any study (OK I might have slipped a little on Monday and read the Misuse of Drugs Act, and a bit last night about the sentencing of young people for manslaughter), I haven't done any cleaning (except the bathroom ceiling), no cooking, I haven't painted my balls, no reading and no general stuff that I'd normally do. I have slacked off. I promised myself this as a reward for having worked so hard at the BZP stuff while keeping up with study and whatnot - one week of no pressure on myself. I found it kind of hard but after a day or so it got easier.

And then yesterday I got struck with a creative idea.

It's been a while since this happened and I think that's partly because my mind's been so occupied with what I must do that there's been no room for what I could do.. Anyway, out of the blue, ideas started popping up all over the place. So last night I was up till 11 cutting and shaping and thinking and looking on the net for stuff I need, and today I'm off to the fabric shop for supplies. But this weekend is all about the dancing so I won't be doing a lot of creative things - however I've realised that the workload for this course should allow me at least some free time for making so HEY GUESS WHAT I'M BACK!

See you at Fidels tonight?