March 8th, 2012


Why I am not entirely digital yet

Yesterday's discussion of notes seemed to conclude that for most people, their notes only came in useful if they were teaching. However, books and articles were worth keeping. Naturally, this led to some discussion of hard copy vs digital, and various forms of markup. I'm quite a fan of digital storage and have all of my useful reference information in that format. But when it comes to working with a lot of information I like to have hard copies as well. Partly this is about screen real estate - I like to be able to see all my info at once and for that I'd need a dozen decent sized monitors.

"But... tabs!" I hear you say. Well yes, tabs. Just like yes, .pdf markup facilitation. And here's where I'm struggling with the difference between how my mind works and digital methods of organising information.

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Meanwhile, here's a thing about wastewater measurement of drug use. You'll note they say abuse, which IMO is misleading. It's assuming that any use of an illegal substance is abuse and that's simply not true. I can see why Julian Buchanan has an issue with it if the type of people using it have that mindset. Personally, I'd like to use it to demonstrate the opposite - "Hey look how much ecstasy got taken this weekend! And NOBODY DIED! Why is this illegal again? And btw check out that alcohol consumption vs hospitalisation figures" etc.