March 7th, 2012

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Weird thing. When I did the climate change course, I took LOADS of notes. Like, I filled half of one of those 100 leaf hardback exercise books. I wrote like a demon, in the full knowledge that I would probably never go back and read the notes because the stuff I need to know is in my head and I know where to find the rest on the internet. But for some reason it seemed important to get everything down on paper. For this course, I've gone back to my usual style of writing headings with the full intention of making notes, then sitting and twiddling my pen while I listen. Seriously, Monday's lecture I wrote maybe 5 lines, and they were all thoughts connecting concepts rather than anything the lecturer had said/shown us. I find myself wondering if this is a humanities vs science thing or a Tats Is Familiar vs So Not thing.

But my shiny half-a-notebook won't be entirely wasted - I tend to turn it upside down and work from the other end sketching out essay plans and stuff, until the two things meet in the middle. I've filled 2 x 30 page notebooks in this way in my entire university career.

OK random question. Those of you Wot Are Educated - exactly how much of your lecture notes/handouts/essays from your education did you keep afterwards? And of that, how much did you actually use for anything? Enquiring minds want to know..

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So, um, yes. LJ idol is awesome, but the general day-to-day stuff I read on my flist is more awesome. I've also noticed that lately, a few people who I thought we'd lost are popping up again. So maybe I'm not the only one that appreciates the voyeurism community here.

Dr Wheel sent me a picture of the snow in Chicago. I am glad he is getting some to make up for him missing out on when it snowed here last August.

Also, if you're in Europe, you should do this. It's the European Drug Use Survey and it helps the policy wonks make better policy if they know the shape of the thing they're making policy for. Also, a lot of eyes are on European drug policy at the moment, as the place where harm reduction finally seems to be overtaking prohibition as the main focus. You can help this by taking the survey. /shameless plug