March 5th, 2012


In which my parenting pays off somewhat

Hehe, Orcon just sent me a feedback survey that had space for writing. So, I gave them some:

"We all know bandwidth caps suck. However, you could make them suck less by sending warnings to those on high usage plans when they get within 5G of their cap."

Because I've never been with a provider that doesn't before and with three gamers in the house it can get a bit hairy at update time. Except right now I don't think I can really call myself a gamer. I haven't played anything except Plants vs Zombies and Dynomite since I was playing Bioshock late last winter. I got nearly to the end of that when the BZP analysis dropped on me and shearing season started and I didn't continue*. Dr Wheel gave me Mass Effect for Christmas and I installed it and played the intro but then.. BZP. Skyrim? BZP.

BZP RUINED MY LIFE, MAN! where life actually means gaming career..

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Sometimes I think about all of you out there with littlies and what sort of world they will be teenagers in - what will the drugscape look like then, and what laws and education will be around it? How will you approach it and what will you have to deal with? I hope it's a safer one than the one we have now.

Meanwhile, my teeth are still healthy as but as expected I have some gum issues that need the ministrations of a hygienst and their trusty scraper. I hate that feeling and am terrified but I will go because I hate having stinky breath more. Meanwhile, I have the cleanest, shiniest teeth ever! Shinier than Donny and Marie!

Finally, Dr Wheel is winging his way to Chicago, where he will be all boffiny for a couple of days then wing his way back, after which we will prop him on a handcart and make him go to The Forest. It's his birthday on Sunday and there will be dancing, even if he's asleep for it!

* I have given myself this week off from doing thinky stuff as a reward for finishing the analysis. Also, my new course probably won't require too much from me for the first couple of weeks. Maybe I should consider finishing Bioshock because seriously, I was like one level away from the main boss fight and I just dropped it in favour of work. WTF is wrong with me?