March 2nd, 2012


Off to the murder house she did go ahum

Today I am going to the dentist. One of those coupon sites had an x-ray, exam and polish deal for $59. Coincidentally my colleague went yesterday for the same treatment and paid $129, so yeah, that's a good deal. It also comes with a $50 voucher for further work if it's needed.

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In other news, I may have slipped and bought drug books. It's been a while since I added to my library but it occurred to me that in the last little while things have started coming together for me to step more fully into the field with that, and that by the end of this year I may be better known among those who ought to know. I'll also be looking at what to do post grad. Which are all just excuses, but the lecturer for the course that starts next week gave a recommended reading list that contained over 60 titles. I bought 3. See? I am a picture of restraint.


Rethinking Substance Abuse
Legalising Drugs: Debates and Dilemmas
Drugs, Crime and Public Health

I note that none of the titles on the recommended reading list suggest a topic similar to the one I'd like to research. I'm guessing this is because nobody's done it. At least I hope so...

I might have to shear 40 lambs tomorrow. Yikes.

* Oh look, grist and I both have functioning brains and haven't grown any extra heads. Amazing, I know.