March 1st, 2012


Domestic bliss, and other terrifyingly grownup topics

Last night there was a lentil nightmare in our kitchen as I made my first ever attempt to cook with lentils. After watching a lot of The Young Ones in my formative years, I had this idea that lentils were essentially tasteless mush. But in the interests of continuing to push my food-creation-and-consumption boundaries along with Leaning Towards The Vegetarian*, I finally dived in and gave them a go. And people ate it, and nobody died! In fact I'd go so far as to say that as long as you weren't expecting it to be meat-flavoured, it was pretty damn good. Next time I'll cook the lentils for a bit longer and add another egg and maybe some breadcrumbs - it was a bit crumbly and could have been juicier. But yes, I would say the lentil experiment was relatively successful.

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Also, if I turn into one of those people who is unable to decide between three different shades of Boring Beige Desert Sands that you can't actually see a difference between, please shoot me.

* I still love me some meat and with the rate the Youth of Today is changing dimensions I think it's sensible to continue to have it occasionally, but I'm aiming for 3 times a week or less, and two of those occasions to be fish or chicken. Yes, that climate change course did have an impact on me, why do you ask? Also: nom, steak.