February 29th, 2012



Finally got my mark back for the climate change course. A+. Because it's only a letter grade I will never know if it was because of that group work poster or despite it. Frankly I thought my essay was pretty good but again, I'll never know if it was that that saved me or whether I had underestimated the quality of the work produced through the torturous group process. Anyway, I'm glad it didn't blemish my record. Only 2 courses more and if I keep my socks up I will have aced my entire degree. After which I shall brag - in full acknowledgement that it's wanky to do so and also in the knowledge that it's nowhere near as important to anyone else as it is to me, I will shout "I'VE GOT QUALIFICATIONS!" from the rooftops.

You see if I don't.

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So yeah, that was entertaining.

I seem to be getting more political again. I've had a break since the election but things are starting to happen that make me want to rant again. Note to self: keep it in check to make sure it's balanced with things that don't make me want to bang my head on a wall.

Final note: Dr Wheel is going to Chicago! Only for work, but I'm envious. I'd like to go to Chicago. Will there be snow there or is it getting too late in the year?