February 28th, 2012


Business in the front...

This morning a pigeon landed on our windowsill and stared in at us with its beady eyes as we were finishing our morning coffees. Cue synchronised Naked Monster Poses as we pretended to be lions stalking our pigeony prey. I suspect that particular pigeon will never land on our windowsill again.

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I am not ready to talk about the welfare reforms yet. Suffice to say that it's almost a repeat of the 1990s only with some extra added disempowerment and shaming. It's particularly bad for women, and yes they did do the thing where they make people seek work when their baby is 1 year old. But the thing that upset me, the thing that made me cry a little, was the mean-spiritedness expressed in the majority of the comments on the announcement, and in that stupid poll. Sad to say, but given the result of the election, I am beginning to believe that these attitudes do reflect those of my fellow New Zealanders, and I am just.. yeah. Never mind the lack of critical thought, never mind the ignorance of how welfare works, never mind the fact that many of those people are old enough to remember last time and how awful that ended up being - the thing that gets me is the simple ugliness of the beneficiary-bashing that people seem to take delight in. It's.. ugly and mean spirited and demonstrates a lack of compassion that I don't want to see in my culture.