February 27th, 2012



This weekend we wrote a list of things we wanted to achieve. OMG WTF this is grown up behaviour! Anyway, one of the things on the list was putting leftover unnecessary stuff on Freecycle. *gasp* Yes, the Dreaded Freecycle!

There's this theory, see, that when people are getting things for free they don't have a lot of investment in them, and thus you get stuffed around more when you're giving things away than when you're selling them. But there are some things that aren't worth the effort of selling, but are too good to throw away, you know? Among these things were First's coat and lead. It's been nearly a year since she died and last time I looked at them I couldn't quite bring myself to get rid of them, even though I know I won't have another dog for a while. So this morning, a lady is going to pick them up from reception at my work, because I suspect that if I had to hand them over myself it'd get a bit messy.

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One day I will be intellectually free. By then there will be new games to play, and I will probably have to upgrade my machine to be able to play them. *sigh*

Other things achieved this weekend: Got a new bookshelf for our room which is now full of Books I Haven't Read Cos They Are Joel's, went to see the Raw show at Wellington Circus Trust, located studs in our house as Step 1 in making new storage systems*, ate Dr Wheel's awesome nachos with Actual Fresh Beans OMG YUM.

* Everything in a house is a system these days, get with the programme! A bed isn't a bed, it's a sleep system. Don't believe me? Go look.

Thank you to those who offered the use of their address for Dr Wheel's graphics card yesterday. I've passed the details on and he'll be getting in touch with info and gratitude. ;-)