February 24th, 2012

erotically codependent

Entitlement and manufactured scarcity, together at last!

Yesterday I read an interesting thing. It's about That Oatmeal Comic about piracy, and has something to say about the sense of entitlement that goes along with pirating in that people want this stuff NOW, and don't want to wait.

Before I talk about that, I'd like to direct your attention to the remix of that cartoon that illustrates the New Zealand experience.


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So don't fucking call us immature when we WAAANNNT the things we've been primed to WAAANNNT, mmk? And don't make it a personal failing to feel resentful about the withholding of something for no reason other than to manipulate us into parting with more money.

Gosh, I think that might be a whole week of semi-ranting. What's up with that? And yes, I know there are bigger injustices in the world and yes I'm aware that I'm lucky to have access to electricity. So let's not play that game as if we're not all aware this is a first world problem. Instead, let's play the one where we acknowledge that the thinking behind this first world problem is not that different from, and done by the same sort of people as, the ones behind many of the developing world problems too. And maybe we should have a problem with that kind of thinking instead of bashing each other over 'first world problems', K?

(and for those of you who read jim hines, the juxtaposition is not lost on me)

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Bloody hell. The lecturer from the State Crime course last year just emailed and asked if she could use my work on Project Prevention as an example of good practice for this year's course.


I'll be over here in the corner, feeling quite pleased.