February 21st, 2012


This morning's pillow talk

Me: "My weirdness is charming, right?"
Him: "Yeah, like a quark."


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I am glad that Stephen Fry spoke up about NZ's crap internet. It's not like we haven't been saying this for years, but obviously when a celebrity says it, it means something. If you read that article, I've no doubt at least some of you will be going "What the hell is a data cap?" Just FYI, my cap is 50G on adsl (Orcon Genius) and for that I pay $95 a month. Fibreoptic is not available in the central city (because I guess digging up the streets to put it in would have been too expensive) If we go over the cap we get charged $2.50 a gig. Speeds are generally good but can be patchy at times and occasionally (about once a week) we have to reset the router.

For contrast, here's what I could get in central Washington DC (the United States' capital city) for roughly the same price. I picked AT&T because I've heard some of you mention it, so it's a reasonably well known one. You'll note there's no cap and that your download speed is up to 24Mbps. Mine maxes at 1.5Mbps.

So yeah, our internet's shit. Not that anything will be done about it. And I also agree that it's a shame Stephen Fry didn't moan about poverty and inequality or the asset sales or something like that. But still, it's always nice when an ongoing gripe gets backing from someone that gets it in the news, eh?

Also, gibbons are awesome: