February 20th, 2012


Yeah nah its your shout cuz, can I have some ghost chips?

Here's the article about the Church of Scientology trying to instigate drug programs in New Zealand, written by the lady who contacted me the other day looking for background info. I have asked the Youth of Today to nab any pamphlet that turns up in his school and bring it home so I can eviscerate it learn its contents.

Meanwhile, WTF government?

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It was also lovely to have a day out with tieke and alphamatrix doing fun stuff and running around in the sun. How are your sides today, ladies?

Still no results from the Climate Change course. *argh* But I did get some Child Support. This is the first time I've had anything since August 2010 so I'm kind of going "Gosh." It wasn't much but unexpected money is nice, right?