February 17th, 2012

going native

In which I get my artgeek on

This morning I woke up to sunshine coming in the bedroom window and the sleepy and delectable Dr Wheel next to me, and my first thought was "I could get used to this." So far I'm not, so it's a happy surprise every morning. <3 Dr Wheel.

Also, the combination of visiting Germans and Webstock has dragged the good Doctor out being all social butterfly-y every night this week and I just can't be arsed am not into that much dining out and have to work in the evenings at the moment. However, last night I had pombagira for dinner and I fed her omelette with Sneaky Health Food in it, and she took pictures of me fondling my balls.

Collapse )

In case you're not interested in overlockers, perhaps you're interested in ugly sites. I'd be impressed if you could find one uglier than the one linked above - so if you know of one I'd like to see it. Yes, it's the Great Webstock Friday Ugly Site contest. What's the prize? Um, internet kudos for Finding Stuff Net Fu. *nod*

Finally, those people who are planning to be at Fidels tonight - I have tieke's Stealth Top in my bag to give to her. However, this top has a very efficient cloaking mode and even though I've got to this point several times, I've never managed to hold it in my awareness long enough to actually return it. So I'm asking to be reminded. Let's see how wide this top's influence really is..

* I bet it runs in IE6 though..