February 16th, 2012


Calling myself a drugs geek is probably a bad idea eh?

It seems that the lecturer for my next course, one Julian Buchanan, is one of the more switched-on course coordinators I'll be dealing with in my degree. Given that I'm nearly finished and Liz Stanley (who blew my mind with State Crime last year) is the only other one so far who's managed to get details of the course up before it starts, that's not saying a lot. But yes - fully three weeks before the course start date I have a copy of the outline, know what the assessment will be, have signed up for a tutorial, and have ordered my readings.

Apparently this course (Alcohol, Drugs, and Crime CRIM216*) has an online element, and there's a forum been set up where people are already introducing themselves, which is quite nice.

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So what that adds up to is that I'm quite excited about studying under this guy. I've been at it coming up 5 years and this is the first course I'm doing that's specifically focused in my area. I have a reading list of books that I'll probably actually buy, even! O.o

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for my mark on the Climate Change course. I looked at the Vic website 'exam results' section this morning and apparently they often don't get posted till after all exams are over, which means chances are I may have to wait till the 25th of this month to find out how I did. Which is balls if you're Instant Gratification Girl. ;-/

And in completely non-school news, last night I made satay with green vegetables. Not only was it tasty, it was pretty! But you'll just have to imagine it because a) the Youth of Today scoffed the lot in the middle of the night, and b) no fricking camera. Want.Camera.Now.

* I'm told that next year they may be offering a drug policy-specific 300 level course. By which time I'll have completed my degree. Damn. I guess I could go back and do one course if I really wanted to - doing a 300 level Crim paper would satisfy the requirements for a double major - but I am really kind of over study right now. I may feel differently later.