February 15th, 2012


In which I upset the web developers - again.

Now that the Youth of Today is skating up to that legally-a-citizen line, he's entirely responsible for getting himself out of bed, dressed, abluted, fed, caffeinated (it was gonna happen one day and I'd still rather it was coffee than Coke) and off to school. He's pretty damn good at it and I'm extremely thankful I have one of those kids who finds school interesting enough for whatever reason that it's not a battle to make sure he attends - he goes because he wants to and that's awesome. However, he's inherited his Dad's ability to sleep through the apocalypse so I'm still going in of a morning and waking him up.

Usually he's sort of awake already but this morning he was clearly still dreaming and he sat up, rubbed his eyes and said "Tommy gun. That could be your signature weapon."

*ded of cute*

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We have a guest in our house. He is our first guest and unfortunately he's having to sleep on the lounge floor because our spare room isn't functional yet (it's a study/office and won't work as a spare room until we've put in a mezzanine for a bed). Luckily he's a heavy sleeper and my morning clattering in the kitchen didn't wake him - but it makes me more determined to get that spare room sorted out.

This is the cue for a bunch of money to fall out of the sky, mmk?