February 14th, 2012

another chance

I support The Oatmeal view on Valentine's Day



Last night I climbed a ladder and finally looked in the ceiling. rivet had noted that it looked like a suspended one, which made me curious what was in the gap between the ceiling and the next level up. In the downstairs bit, we have wood ceilings with concrete beams running across, and a 12 foot stud. The stud upstairs would be 10 foot without the suspended ceiling, and given how much I enjoy climbing and swinging on things, I'm interested in locating as many anchor points as possible in the house, with a view to having climbing nets/bird nests suspended in the ceiling space and possibly an anchor with a swivel similar to the one Happy and tieke have, but more for play than for training (ie smaller).

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Yesterday was my performance review at work. No real surprises although I suspect we are being primed to be told that any payrises we get this year will be minimal. The boom is coming (probably to be followed by a bust but hey) - projections say it'll start picking up in the second half of 2012 when the Christchurch rebuild starts, but the real housing crisis is likely to be centred in Auckland. Meanwhile, the industry is still bleeding and that is likely to be reflected in my pay packet. ;-/

I find myself strangely without words today. Hmm..

Oh yeah, I was going to have a gripe about QI. It's entertaining enough but it's a fucking sausage fest and the boys' club jokes really annoy me at times, especially because they skate that line between 'fuck that's offensive' and 'can be passed off as a joke'. Jo Brand as one of the token women holds her own reasonably well but she does it by being one of the boys and taking their off jokes and running with them.

I still enjoy watching it most of the time but they could dispense with the 'women are a different species' attitude and I wouldn't be sorry.