February 10th, 2012


I pity the foo'

Today is the day when a significant percentage of the people I know head off to Kiwifoo, an invitation-only unconference of geeks where tech, art and policy supposedly converge in interesting ways.

I'm gonna say up front that I think Foo is elitist and the word unconference* is wanky. When I said this on Twitter, a whole bunch of people got defensive about it. Only one person (TAFKARF) said "Well yes, that's kind of the point." And I appreciated that viewpoint because I didn't say "Foo is bad" or "Foo sucks" or even "Here, have a value judgement." I just said I thought it was elitist.

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So it's a combination of factors, some of which are about wider cultural influences and worldview, some of which are about more personal things. Some have validity IMO and others are just me being immature. However, I stand by what I said. I do think it's elitist. I understand the need for elitism in an event like this but I'm not a fan of it as a general principle. It also sounds like a hell of a lot of fun, and I struggle a bit to reconcile this fun thing I'd like to participate in with my intense dislike of elitism and exclusivity.

However, I am not that immature! (really, I'm not)

Thus, I hope everyone I know who's going has a fantastic time. Please come back full of inspiration and ideas! ;-)

Finally, on another note, this weekend we get rivet. This is the awesomest of awesomes and I hear she'll be at Fidels tonight so if you'd like to catch up, you should come.

* Not the concept, the word - which to me declares "We are different and therefore better." This is probably a misconception on my part but there you go. I'm human.