February 9th, 2012


Lions and tigers and radical inclusion, oh my.

Last night pombagira and I were charged with the job of barcoding all the animals on the savannah. All was going well - lions, tigers*, antelopes - until the lions started eating the antelopes and then it all got a bit confused. I figure it was a modern day version of Adam's task. "Yeah, naming is all very well but now we have to inventory them too."


Also, a line spoken by someone in the dream is sticking with me: "When you're driving home from town out here at night it's comforting to see another set of headlights because it shows you you're not completely alone."

* Yes, this savannah had tigers. They were Savannah Tigers. Duh.

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I don't envy anyone who has to deal with that dilemma. It feels like compromising one's principles for a start - and when a lot of kiwis are brought up to at least believe we are an egalitarian society (whether this is true or not is another debate), we often really struggle with excluding people. It's something I learned to do in my personal life for my own safety and wellbeing, but it took me nearly 40 years to figure out what those parameters were and how to reinforce my boundaries. Group boundaries are harder and those making the decisions don't usually get 40 years.

Which is why instead of trying to change this group, I've just removed myself. Personal decision. Much easier.