February 7th, 2012


PIE! (in which there is pie)

This essay I just did was the first one I've ever submitted using Turnitin. For those not familiar with the arcane practices of plagiarism-hunting, Turnitin is an app that compares your work with a database of other work and makes a report on how similar it is to work already submitted. Mine came up as 9% similar. I don't know what the threshold is before they reject - I'm guessing it varies - but I was all WUT 9% BOLLOCKS. So I went and looked at the report, and it turns out that the things that match other things are all in the bibliography. So yes, 2% of my essay is the same as the MfE website because I reference the MfE twice in the essay, and the words "Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development" do match the name of the OECD, because that's what it's called. And since it was only 1200 words, the bibilography makes up a large chunk of the essay. That's called research, guys.

So yeah - somewhat unimpressed with Turnitin. I guess it'd spot blatant copypasta but for the vast majority of students' work, it would just create PiTA checkwork for the marker IMO.

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Tonight we'll be (hopefully) collecting a new desk for Dr Wheel, after which that should be the last of the furniture purchases for a while. Maybe.

And I just remembered that this weekend coming is the weekend we get rivet! *SQUEEE*

And somewhere in there I need to finish the BZP analysis. I need to give it three evenings a week, and I've done none so far this week. Guess what I'll be doing tonight, tomorrow and the next night? Yeah nah, not relaxing.