February 3rd, 2012


In which I have a look at what's going through the grinder.

This morning someone on my friends list mentioned processed chicken. Now, given that the only chicken I really have anything to do with these days comes in packets from the supermarket* but still looks like chicken (you know, a headless featherless footless gutless one, but still a chicken - or, chunks of chicken like breasts and legs and things), I hadn't much clue what processed chicken was. So I looked it up.

Yes, I know, you're all going "WTF Tats, why did you have to look this up, use your brain duh." But I wanted to know what was in it and how processed - because you know, mince meat is processed beef and so is dog food, but only dog food has lungs in it.

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So my conclusion from all this is that reading the labels on your food is a damn good idea if you eat much processed stuff. Certainly the three countries I looked at all have laws requiring additives to be declared. But apart from the additives that you can check, unless you are in a country that doesn't have strict food laws, your chicken nuggets are actually chicken, and it's meat and tendons, not guts and heads.

* Once upon a time I raised my own chickens. They were free range and organic and all that good stuff. Thus, they hid their nests so eggs were a rarity and often rotten by the time I found them, and spent their time between scratching up my seedlings, pecking holes in my broccoli, and crapping in my porch. One day I'd had enough and killed them all and ate them. Supermarket chicken is easier.

** I fail to see why a large cut of meat is more nutritious than the little sliver that's left on the bone after you've cut the large bit off. It's still meat. I guess they mean the tendons and gristle and stuff.

In other news, Dr Wheel will be at Fidels tonight. This is nice, especially for all those who had to put up with me bouncing around going ONEMOREDAYOMGSQUEE last week. Also, I handed my essay in and I am now intellectually free until Monday, when I get back into the BZP analysis stuff. One day I will be free to think about kittens for weeks on end!