February 2nd, 2012


Deploying secondary grape stabilisation mechanism now.

My wee coffee machine needs a coat of looking at. This makes me sad. It's a Krups model, entry level espresso maker like this one, but older. I bought it second hand on TradeMe for $16 in 2008, and it's made me a coffee most mornings since then without fail (and without a service either). It's a good morning coffee maker - you put the coffee in, you put the water in, you push the button and voila!

But lately it's belching more and more steam and the amount of coffee coming out vs the amount of water going in is getting more and more random, and its gurgles are starting to sound more like indigestion than happiness. I figure it needs some seals and it'll be right again.

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Meanwhile, does anyone know anything about wooden venetian blinds? Our neighbours across the way have them* and they look quite nice but I've no idea about whether they do the job for retaining heat, and looking at sites trying to sell you things is not often the best way to find out the truth. We are considering them as an alternative to curtains for our lounge in winter. Thoughts?

* We have considered putting a note in our bedroom window saying "Like your blinds, can we come over and have a look?" But that might be a bit stalkery, eh?