February 1st, 2012



Last night I dreamed about fart lighting. But not your normal fart lighting, oh no! This was high tech fart lighting in which a small tube with a pressurising tap was employed to allow you to turn your fart into a mini flame thrower at will!

Oddly, it morphed into a dream where I was the oh-so-grown-up teacher of Wayward Girls in the same Home For Wayward Girls that pombagira and I had been sent to for crimes unknown the night before. And something about a guy wearing lots of pairs of hakama on top of each other and trying to walk up Pirie St.

Cos I'm that mature.

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I'm finishing up my essay for the climate change course. It has to be about something related to the poster we made. Our poster was about green technology, and the essay is about issues relating to the implementation of green technology fully and widely enough to mitigate climate change*. It doesn't have a lot of science in it, because the issues with developing and implementing technology are less to do with science than they are to do with policy and economics. I've come to believe that the climate change problem is one of economics but unlike some people *cough* I'm not quite up for an Economics degree right now so I'll stick with policy and hopefully get my sustainable fingers in lots of policy pies that way.

Anyway, it's being marked by a scientist so I hope that works out OK eh?

* Where 'mitigate' actually means have a hope of preventing the global average temperature rising to more than moderately dangerous levels