January 31st, 2012


You have three choices: I love him; I like him lots; or I am thick.

So last night there was an impromptu dinner with a bunch of people, and at one point the conversation turned to the Teapot Tape. Turns out that of the group of 6 discussing them, only one had bothered to listen to the leaked tape, and he described it as sounding like "An awkward first date." Heh.

Thing is, I was one of the people who got hot under the collar about it when it happened and I haven't bothered seeking out the content. Seems that it doesn't matter to me all that much what was said - I care more about the fact that our PM tried to use his privilege as head of state to suppress it. This implies to me that he felt he'd said things that could be damaging to him and that it was ok to keep that information from the people who are supposed to trust him to operate in our best interests. Thus, it doesn't actually matter what he said, he'd already painted himself as lacking integrity.

You'll note the opinion poll on that Stuff article up there. Look carefully at your options:

1. Yes, and John Key was right to apologise (read: see, he's done the right thing now, he's still a good guy, guyz!)

2. Yes, and I can't see what the fuss is about. (read: damn people always looking for something to be offended about. PC gone mad! get a sense of humour you wowsers. key's a good guy, guyz!)

3. No, I couldn't find it online. (read: i am internet illiterate and probably shouldn't be allowed an opinion but key's probably a good guy, guyz!)

I think there should be a couple of other options:

4. Yes, and John Key only apologised because he was forced to - I think that's low.

5. No, because it doesn't matter what he said, the principle of hiding information from the public is low.

But, you know that's just my opinion, and therefore probably shouldn't be an option in a public opinion poll, eh? At least, not a Stuff poll. Those seem to give you the choice of their opinion or no opinion. And Key gets to see the result and be all "Well that wasn't so bad, was it?"

No wonder we seem to be held in such contempt by our leaders.