January 24th, 2012


Mah lernins

Today our lecturer didn't show because he was at the doctor's with his pregnant wife. We decided to forgive him. He'll be back tomorrow to tell us all about the psychology of individuals' responses to climate change.

We considered that his failure to show up (we didn't find out where he'd been till after) might have been a performance-art style way of illustrating a potential individual response..

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So, um, can I have a diplomat's badge now?

This afternoon someone from MFAT gave a lecture about the dynamics of international negotiations in climate change. It was interesting, but not as interesting as I expected. Probably partly because we haven't had the psychology one yet, partly because I'm already familiar with a lot of the issues, and partly because I'm just getting a bit jaded by the whole thing and not taking it in as well as I could.

And partly because it's Joel Day on Saturday and my thinking about international policy negotiations keeps getting interrupted by mental pr0n. ;-/

Mature student? Me? Nah.