January 19th, 2012


ph3ar mah calculatey pow0rz!

This afternoon, after having heard over the last couple of weeks about how two out of three of us are being kept alive by carbon emissions, how per capita carbon footprints are going through the roof, and how we all need to try to reduce our personal one to 2 tonnes or less, I decided to find out what mine was. I've done it before but couldn't remember the result.

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I've no doubt there are issues with the calculators that make them less useful than they could be - even my small foray into their world shows that. But based on the best one I could find, it's actually nice to know that I can reduce my carbon footprint to the required level with a few changes.

How about you?

PS On a completely different note, we have a marae visit tomorrow to get a Maori perspective on climate change issues. As part of the powhiri (welcome), we have to perform waiata (sing). Our group will be singing Tutira Mai Nga Iwi, which is a lovely song about togetherness, and kind of rousing (also a bloody earworm). The problem is, every kiwi learns this song in primary school, and to me it feels like the equivalent of singing "Baa Baa Black Sheep" - which in my opinion feels inappropriate for powhiri and kind of weird. ;-/ Our second option is E Tu Kahikatea, which is a beautiful song - also about standing strong together - but quite hard to sing (if you're me). I'd still rather do it though, for the sake of not feeling like I'm in Primer 3 (and also, they must get so sick of group after group only knowing that one song, eh?)