January 18th, 2012


So, questioning those policy wonks then.

You know, the ones from the Ministry for the Environment who had come to talk to us about the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme? I'd put it out on Twitter what questions I should ask and the response was "Are you evil or just incompetent?" I thought that was a bit unfair..

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But I'm left with the question - if 2015 rolls around and Agriculture still can't enter the scheme because it's too hard, what then? Do we pull out of the Kyoto Protocol? Do we continue to shore them up till the trees are cut down and then throw them to the lions? At what point do we stop giving chances and get serious about what NZ can realistically support in terms of livestock?

Oops, that got a bit ranty. Sorry. I care a lot about farming, and I don't like seeing farmers as the bad guy in this - but the evidence is there and IMO the only way to salvage this is to get real, fast.